History and Biodiversity of Kranji woodland

History and Biodiversity of Kranji woodland
February 15, 2021 Editor

Amid the story over the erroneous clearing of a plot of forested land in Kranji by a contractor, it has later been revealed that part of the land was owned by the Malaysian rail operator KTM. It was only fairly recently, in 2011, when the land was finally returned to the state after KTM ended its train schedule to Singapore with the cessation of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Following the return of the land to the state, it was in an unused state of scrubs with growing trees. In the following years, there were plans to include the area as part of the development to redevelop returned state land previous used for railway into a green corridor.

Based on a study by the Nature Society Singapore (NSS), a quick survey in the green corridor found remarkable biodiversity in the land with at least 47 different species of birds.

Upon discovery of the unapproved clearance of the land , JTC issued a stern warning to the contractor. Currently, all works have been ordered to suspend by JTC pending further investigations on the wrongful clearance.