Enrolment in Singapore Education Institutions During COVID: A Panel Discussion

Enrolment in Singapore Education Institutions During COVID: A Panel Discussion
April 29, 2021 Editor

The Programme for International Student Assessment has rated Singapore’s education system as the highest in the world (PISA). Since it is one of the most inexpensive study abroad destinations, many parents see Singapore as a top educational choice for their children.

International private schools and higher studies schemes, like those in Singapore, have been hit hard by COVID-19. As these programs reopen, parents are considering whether the pandemic influenced Singapore’s education and whether now is the best time to send their children abroad. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, existing intakes to Singapore schools are at an all-time high, and the country has used the obstacles it has faced in recent months to demonstrate its adaptability. Masks, temperature checking, and small class sizes have all become commonplace in Singapore classrooms.

In addition to concentrating on teacher preparation, classrooms have started to rely more heavily on technology. As a result, many people have gained peace of mind and expressed faith that Singapore is doing everything possible to keep children safe while they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

Singapore’s foreign student population is diverse. Many international families are attracted to the outstanding teachers and the county’s special emphasis on languages, which allows for bilingual education. While many foreign students have traditionally come from countries beyond the Asia, recent trends suggest that acceptance rates from Asian students are increasing.

The admissions process for Singapore schools differs depending on whether the family is a resident, a non-citizen, or a foreigner. A variety of admission and placement tests, as well as differing protocols for student visas, are common requirements.

The value of considering your child’s needs on both an individual and analytic functions cannot be overstated when selecting the best school for your child. Parents would be better able to choose appropriate services for their children when studying abroad if they are aware of these needs.

There will be 3 leading local educational experts provide useful insight to parents eager to learn more about Singapore’s educational system, including knowledge on admissions and school environments, as well as a perspective on how Singapore’s schools dealt with education even during pandemic.


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