Knowledge Net: Singapore is a multimedia, content-rich web site on Singapore history generated in association with National Archives Singapore and with support from the National Computer Board. It seeks to present rich reference information — the building blocks of which are the databases of historical and geographical information, indexed in a variety of ways — to foster a community which understands the significance of our past by the sharing of knowledge.

The Singapore Chronicles of the site has three entrances:

  • Lives
  • Landscapes
  • Chronologies

Lives would include biographies and other material related to community and human activity.

Landscapes focuses on the historical significance of geography, giving information on buildings, street names, places of interest and the like.

Chronologies looks at history through the perspective of time via the record of events and timelines.


Knowledge Net’s initial focus is on four broad categories of our past:

  • Fort Canning Hill
  • The Historic area around the Padang
  • Syonan: Singapore under the Japanese
  • Singapore’s Road to Independence

While addressing Singaporeans and web surfers in general, Knowledge Net has two key constituencies: Singapore schools and the Academic community. Students access the Main Menu through the Student Café, which will have changing features, interactive contests and a forum. A formal outreach program to schools will introduce the site as a resource for National Education. In the medium term, we plan to involve teachers and students in the process of extending the Knowledge Net site. The goal is for both groups to act as contributors, as well as the web-readers who comment and give active feedback as the site grows and develops.

Singapore History Forum caters to the academic community. Its pages include digitised archives of Singapore historical documents and audio-visual material. It also incorporates an electronic journal where scholars may contribute articles and reviews on Singapore history. The Knowledge Net, Singapore E-Journal is built in association with the Singapore Heritage Society, and the South Seas Society, while the Discussion Forum is co-hosted with the Singapore Heritage Society. Access to Knowledge Net Singapore is free.

Why The Ball?

Our logo is a sepak takraw ball — a game played throughout Southeast Asia, the region of our interest. The sepak takraw ball, round like the globe, represents the sphere of the World Wide Web. The strands of cane that make up the ball is woven and related to one another – similar to the information given on our site. Sepak takraw is a dynamic game with players kicking the ball to one another over the net and Knowledge Net’s aim is to foster a like minded community around the site.