You will find, on this page, some links to historical publications or search engines. For ease of navigation, most links to other historical online publications are now topical. For example, links to publications on Lt General Tomoyuki Yamashita will be found in our page on Yamashita in the Biographies section in Singapore Chronicles. So, if you’re looking for links publications on a well- known personalities, check their pages in the Biographies section.

History of Shell Company, Singapore

25 Years: A Brief Retrospective on the Law Society of Singapore

Peranakan culture in perspective

Official site of the Peranakan Association of Singapore


Nanyang Technological University list of media titles related to National Education

English Drama In Singapore – The Colonial Inheritance

Synopsis of Singapore History Museum’s exhibition on Singapore Malays Social History

Synopsis of Singapore History Museum’s exhibition on Historical Paintings and Prints of Colonial Singapore

Extracts from The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan yew

History of Germans in Singapore

The Dioramas: A Visual History of Singapore

Life in a Peranakan House

Doing research for an essay: A student’s guide

History of Chinese High School

Diary of a Nation video clips
Requires VDOLive

Modern Singapore: A term paper of Chinese High School students

Why Study History from the Chinese High School web pages

Evolution of Singapore An excellent site on Singapore history by the students of Chinese High School.
This site won an award in Think Quest 1997.

Singapore history in brief from the Singapore infomap web page

Episodes of the Singapore Story from the Ministry of Education Fact File web pages Rich site containing details of the development of Singapore