YoHS stands for ‘Your Own History Site’.

This is the place where we host history web pages which you have created in school or on your own.

Share what you have researched and designed for the Internet with everyone here.

All material published in YoHS are protected by copyright.

Permission to reproduce any material should be obtained from the creators of the individual web sites hosted here.

We request that reference made to material published here should carry a citation.

If you want your own history site to be hosted on YoHS, send your web address to admin@knowledgenet.com.sg

Conditions of Submission

• Knowledge Net reserves the right to choose not to host sites and pages submitted to YoHS.

• If Knowledge Net finds factual errors on your site, you will be asked to correct them before it is hosted on YoHS.

• Copyright of the web pages submitted to YoHS belongs to its creators.

• Knowledge Net will post a notice alerting users to that fact and requesting users who wish to reproduce material from submissions to obtain permission from its creators.

• Knowledge Net advises that you create an E-Mail link to enable users who wish to seek permission to use your material to contact you.